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Capacity Building


Although solar and other clean-energy product interventions have the potential to massively increase productivity and health safety for low-income rural households in the developing world, there is a severe lack of education as to their benefits, use, and proper maintenance. We support local entrepreneurs and vendors by providing them with the knowledge required to explain the benefits of these products, as well as educate customers on how to use them correctly. In addition, we support these ground partners by providing financial literacy and sales training in order to support sustainable livelihoods.

Due to government subsidies and poor-quality solar products having flooded the market, the rural BoP in India are often skeptical as to the value of clean energy products. Without proper education and awareness generation, such skepticism will remain undaunted and our impact will be lost. We partner with ground organizations, including Frontier Markets, to build awareness and understanding of how renewable energy alternatives may improve livelihoods, household savings, and family health.

The map of financial flows below demonstrates how the Foundation works with partners on the ground on capacity building topics with entrepreneurs, vendors, and rural BoP households.



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