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The Foundation’s Efforts Include:

  • CSR Initiatives / Donor Gifting for the Ultra Poor: Through the foundation’s platform, the Foundation invites donors and corporate ventures to donate lights for the poorest of the poor in rural areas. The Foundation purchases these lights through grants and ensures they reach households that desperately need solar lights but cannot afford them.
  • Impact Assessment: We partner with groups such as Poverty Action Labs and Vera Solutions to implement automated impact measuring tools in order to compile metrics on savings, kerosene depletion, carbon, and lives saved for energy distribution companies.
  • Incubation for Sustainable New Products: Our goal is to integrate technology solutions to create more efficiency in grassroots pilots; helping energy distribution companies to test mobile software solutions to better engage field staff with entrepreneurs, rural households, and partners on the ground.
  • Capacity Building: We train and educate rural households, NGOs, and entrepreneurs about the benefits of clean energy, and provide financial literacy training for entrepreneurs who are selling solar solutions.
  • Reporting and Information Sharing: FM Foundation drafts white papers, establishes forums, and engagse colleagues, institutions, and investors to better understand the realities of clean energy interventions, successful business models, and marketing solutions for providing access to clean energy for the poor.

We invite you to stand beside us in our effort to improve the lives of the BOP, combat climate change from fossil fuel combustion, and change the way the world thinks about the role of business in social change.

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